Working on wellbeing: Mental health and wellness in the UK workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly affected the workforce and the workplace. The impact of the virus goes beyond the jobs market and we now know lockdowns have had a major impact on the mental health of the nation.

As a result, researchers say public health measures, such as lockdowns, are vital in protecting the general population, but warn they may have a “profound and long lasting” effect on mental health beyond those directly affected by the virus. 

In this 2021 report, built in partnership with YouGov, we look at the current state of mental health and wellness in the UK workforce and how UK workplaces can better look out for and care for their employees. Our hope is that this report offers a valuable contribution to the awareness and importance of mental health and encourages employers to proactively ensure that the mental health of their employees is a top priority.

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