The DAM Practitioners Playbook

Adopting or upgrading a DAM? Be sure it's digital-first.

A captivating image or informative video often speaks more clearly than the written word. When managed well and displayed optimally, online visuals can inspire and connect.

Because a digital-first mindset is a must for businesses, we gathered a handful of media-management experts for a conversation on Digital Asset Management solutions (DAMs).

Our panel's expertise spans a variety of industries, and the group recognizes the importance of having a digital-first DAM as the foundation on which online visual experiences are built. We explore that together in Cloudinary's newest resource, The DAM Practitioner's Playbook.

A digital-first DAM:

  • Compresses workflows through AI-driven automation, eliminating redundant, low-value tasks
  • Integrates seamlessly with other systems for user adoption across an organization's customer-experiences teams
  • Provides a single source of truth for all visual assets
  • Keeps pace with the latest technologies and emerging file formats
  • Whether implementing DAM for the first time or looking for a needed upgrade, DAM practitioners stand to benefit greatly from the best practices shared in this guide. The content is question-and-answer format of each topic.

If you're calling the DAM shots, you need a playbook -- we've got one you can download today.


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