Visual Experiences That Connect

Why visual media must be a primary consideration for e-commerce businesses

The digital economy thrives on delightful, visual-centric experiences that attract, inform and inspire consumers to make purchases and become repeat customers. Static product galleries and text-heavy descriptions don’t cut it in today’s dynamic media landscape.

High-performance pages that support and ensure context-specific delivery of interactive images and videos, user generated content, 360⁰ images and more are critical for earning shoppers’ attention and business.

As crucial as it is to have, knowing exactly how to build, manage and continually optimize such a media-rich and responsive e-commerce site can be a major challenge.

That’s why we poured years of first-hand expertise and lessons from hundreds of global experiences into a single, complete step-by-step guide to building the ultimate e-commerce website.

From selecting a platform to automating processes to deploying user experiences that adapt to e-commerce shifts, this guide explains how to turn your website into a versatile marketplace that attracts and engages with shoppers.

Read the Guide to Building the Ultimate E-Commerce Website to learn how to:

  • Evaluate and choose an e-commerce platform tailored to your business
  • Establish critical e-commerce integrations early on
  • Design a fast and complete e-commerce user experience, with components for your business’s tech stack
  • Use headless e-commerce to enjoy versatile, fast, scalable, and simplified media management workflows


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