Help Your Website Lose the Wait with Media Optimization

Lose the Wait: Loading Websites Faster With Media Optimization

Given that time spent is irrecoverable, we all instinctively weight the choice of walking away when facing a long wait. A case in point is putting back would-be purchases to avoid a long checkout line or seeking out another eatery on seeing a crowd awaiting tables. The online experience is no different. If a heavy, media-rich webpage is slow to load, many visitors will bounce. However, to succeed in today's booming online economy, imagery and video are essential for attracting, engaging, and converting visitors. Hence the importance of fast page loads—no matter the content weight. To that end, visual media optimization—compressing images and videos for the viewing device and browser while maintaining high visual fidelity—is a priority task.

This whitepaper offers best practices for optimizing your visual media, meaning they:

  • Load quickly
  • Provide a great user experience 
  • Rank well in search engine results pages
  • Drive conversions


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