Building Trust And Confidence: AI Marketing Readiness In Retail And eCommerce

Expectations for dramatically improved customer experiences (CX) are driving retail investments in omnichannel technologies that
provide competitive differentiation beyond core products and services. As retailers pursue more advanced capabilities, artificial
intelligence (AI) technologies provide innovative opportunities for retail marketers. It is, therefore, mission-critical for retail decisionmakers
to understand how ready their organizations are to embrace AI technologies with the potential to propel them forward as
industry leaders.

In April 2017, Emarsys commissioned Forrester to conduct a study of the retail and e-commerce industries to understand if there is
still a gap between the readiness of AI marketing solutions to execute on real-time B2C marketing campaigns, and the readiness of
marketing tech users and business decision makers to adopt AI marketing technology. The businesses surveyed had revenues from
at least $50m to more than $5bn in US, UK, Germany, France and Australia.


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