A Guide to Advocating AI Marketing Adoption

As a modern marketer, you’re always looking for ways to improve
your efficiency at work, especially in the form of software that makes
some part of your job easier. You’ve likely heard a lot lately about
AI in marketing and how it promises to do just that – and more, of
course. In fact, it’s pretty hard to avoid the topic of AI and all the
ways it is destined to change marketing as we know it.
You may already know that companies who have adopted AI boast
about the results: increased conversions, engagement, and a host of
other metrics. With such decisive evidence, everybody must be aware
of AI and clearly sees its business potential, right?

Then you go to your Chief Marketing Officer to strike up an informal
conversation where you can strategically recommend the technology,
and it starts off great — your CMO is well aware of AI and what it
could do for the business. You’re thinking, “What luck! I might not
have to put up much of an argument.”

Then your CMO says, “But you’re not a data scientist, and we’re
not equipped to hire one. We just don’t have the technical skill we
would need to inject something as advanced as AI into our marketing

Well, she’s right about one thing. You’re not a data scientist, but what
your CMO doesn’t know is that you don’t need to be one. AI-powered
marketing makes it possible to leave the data aggregation and deep
analysis to the machine and empowers the human marketer to make
strategic choices about the best ways to act on the data.

With so many AI solutions already available, and all the ways we can
benefit from them publicly known, why does your CMO still resist
adoption? And what can you do about it? We’ve seen the rise of this
technology for some time now, so why isn’t everyone ready for AI?

Emarsys commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a survey of
717 business leaders and decision makers on how ready they are to
take on AI. Based on that study, this guide addresses misconceptions
about the technology and offers advice on how to approach your
VPs and C-level leaders to recommend AI and all the ways it will
revolutionize your marketing efforts.


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