Three Ways CxOs Are Using the Cloud to Power Work-from-Anywhere

Thousands of organizations have turned the upheaval of employees suddenly being forced to work from home into a new work-from-anywhere paradigm—and are reaping the benefits.

Multiple surveys have shown a rise in the productivity of employees working regularly outside the office, including one report in Forbes that showed a productivity increase of 47 percent over solely working in the office.

Employees are also enjoying the flexibility of this new work environment. A CNBC survey showed that 27 percent of employees would now prefer to work from home full time, while 36 percent now wish to work from home more often than previously.

Increased productivity. Greater employee satisfaction. These are some of the benefits awaiting organizations that enable their employees to work from anywhere. Want to learn more? Read on for guidance on what you need to enable your employees to work from anywhere, as well as success stories from Zscaler customers that have successfully done just that.


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