Mission critical cloud

As Enterprise IT continues to shift and businesses are under pressure to innovate, the public Cloud has become the host for an increasing number of mission critical applications, causing network demands for availability, security and bandwidth to rapidly expand.

However, the result of this increase is that connectivity is divided across public and private Clouds, in multiple different locations. IT Managers are finding the challenge of accessing disparate assets, across varied hosts, often too much to handle.

Console Connect, a Software-Defined Interconnection platform, can help solve these problems with Cloud-based, business-critical connections that are simple, secure and straightforward.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • Why the Enterprise IT landscape is rapidly changing, the reasons driving that change and how they may apply to your own Cloud connectivity needs.
  • How many businesses aren’t utilising Cloud-based connections to their best ability, and how to better manage your own business-critical connectivity with Console Connect.
  • The difference between Clouds, how not all are equal, and how Console Connect can help provide the most safe, simple and dependable connection for you.

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Console connect

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