The Practical Executive's Guide to Data Loss Prevention

There has been much confusion in the marketplace regarding data loss prevention (DLP) controls. There are numerous contributing factors, most notably a general lack of understanding in the vendor community about how data security works or what communicates risk to a business. Impractical processes were established, operational bottlenecks ensued, and the ongoing threat of data loss and theft persisted. As a result, organizations that want to protect their confidential data and comply with laws and regulations are often skeptical and unsure where to turn. Some have been burned by unsuccessful implementations.

This whitepaper provides guidance and clarity on the following:

  • important distinctions and advises on how to assess a potential vendor
  • valuable insight into data-breach trends
  • the easy-to-follow nine-step process for implementing and executing a data protection strategy in a manner that is practical, measurable, and risk-adaptive in nature
  • “practical best practices” to avoid common pitfalls and eliminate most of the operational challenges that challenge DLP implementations


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