Technology Vision: The Analytics Angle for Communications, Media, and Technology Companies, from SAS

Without an ability to confidently manage and derive insight from massive volumes of data, it’s difficult to imagine any communications, media, and technology company truly harnessing the power and potential of these trends. It is just as important to be able to test, implement, and scale these developments in the challenging, real-world environment in which organizations operate on any given day.

At SAS, the global leader in analytics, and Accenture, the world’s leading technology consultancy, we live for this type of complexity. No other combination brings the immeasurable talent and ability required to marshal data and insights in service of practical innovation.

This 2020 Technology Vision report is full of examples of technologies and capabilities converging in unexpected ways to unleash new potential. Understanding these new points of intersection and deploying them in new ways are critical factors in creating competitive advantage in communications, media, and technology today.

Accenture | SAS

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