Technology Vision: The Analytics Angle for Financial Services Firms, from SAS

Financial services firms are quite aware of the imperative to make even better use of data in order to inform decisions, and they are making new technology investments in order to do so. Because technology—not data itself—is the main bottleneck in firms’ ability to drive more decisions in any given day across the enterprise. But as they add more data, they add more operational complexity, detracting from their focus on their core businesses. In this environment, a single governance platform is critical in orchestrating the capabilities of this growing portfolio of technologies. That’s exactly what SAS and Accenture are actively working to address today.

This 2020 Technology Vision report is full of examples of technologies and capabilities converging in unexpected ways to unleash new potential. Understanding these new points of intersection and deploying them in new ways are critical factors in creating competitive advantage in financial services today.

Accenture | SAS

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