Rethinking TEM|EMM Savings in the Coming Era of Mass Change Events

Every technology management program – including telecom, mobility and IT – has room to improve and mature, especially as new advancements make their way into the enterprise. To that point, the advent of 5G, and the increasing adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and their associated services, make that reality all the more prescient. Enterprises must get their telecom, mobility, and IT expense management practices under control now before 5G and greater reliance on IoT create new problems.

IoT in particular, with its data consumption and number of sensors, will challenge enterprises to stay on top of change. AOTMP Research & Advisory recommends facing the challenge with a proven partner that will truly save the enterprise money and time, and free people to focus on more strategic projects rather than trying to retrieve funds that did not, in fact, have to be spent.

Download this asset to learn how NTT’s Dimension Data can help you get in front of change rather than trying to catch up with it.

Dimension Data

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