Optimize your communications spending with NTT ’s CLM solution

As organizations demand more from their technology management programs, including network services, collaboration tools, voice calling, enterprise mobility, and IoT, many IT leaders are looking for comprehensive and cost-effective options to manage their communication expenses. The advent of 5G and the increasing adoption of IoT devices and their associated services are making that cost management even more complicated.

In particular, IoT, with its data consumption and number of sensors, will challenge enterprises to stay on top of change. AOTMP Research & Advisory recommends facing this challenge with a proven partner that will be able to save enterprises money and time. Enter NTT, whose Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM) Platform empowers enterprises with real-time IoT device and data management, helping organizations avoid unnecessary charges. On average, NTT helps reduce communications expenses by 10-30 percent, saving clients an additional 15 percent on an ongoing basis.

Download this asset to learn more about how NTT’s CLM solution provides real-time data and budget control, allowing enterprises to streamline their spending and maximize the return on their investments.

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