Rethink Your Software Monetization Strategy

Perpetual licenses, the traditional software monetization model, continue to be a dominant model and have served the industry well. However, with the growth of SaaS and cloud, many producers are adding subscription licensing models into their existing go-to-market strategy to create predictable and recurring revenue streams.

In fact, many industry analyst reports, as well as software licensing and pricing surveys, show that perpetual licensing revenue is on the decline and subscription licensing revenues are on the rise and will continue to increase as technology shifts to SaaS and the cloud. In some cases, entire software vertical markets such as Electronic Design Automation (EDA) standardized on the subscription license model in the early 2000s, after several years of limited releases to the low and high end of their markets.

This white paper will offer insight on how application producers can introduce a subscription model into their software monetization strategy to maximize revenue generation and offer customers a compelling experience.


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