Monetization Monitor: Monetization Models and Pricing

The software industry innovates faster than any other industry in the world. New players enter the market with software and SaaS solutions, while device and IoT companies bring new software-based and data-driven services to market as they innovate their business models. They all depend upon modern pricing and licensing models to protect their IP, grow their revenues and to lead their businesses to success.

The Monetization Monitor sheds a light on how technology companies take their products to market. Numerous options of course exist in pricing, delivery and monetization of software, but challenges lie in understanding utilization and how to remain competitive in pricing and value to the customer. The Monetization Monitor underlines some strong industry trends but also debunks the myth that everything’s getting easier to manage as technology evolves. As a matter of fact, technology companies shoulder more complexity as they strive to meet their customer’s needs, deliver high value and — of course — get rewarded accordingly.

In 2019 Flexera conducted a global survey among software suppliers, specifically asking for monetization, licensing and pricing trends in the industry. This industry report provides insight on key trends in business and monetization models used by software suppliers.


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