Get ready to ROX: How to nail Return on Experience & create CX-fueled market leadership

Your customer is looking for a seamless, personalized experience across all devices and channels which is why Customer Experience has become a focus for effective marketers. But superior CX requires forethought, creativity, and investment.

How do you measure your investment, those experiences, and the role that they play in the overall success of your brand? This guide explains the ROX concept, provides industry benchmarks and helps you understand how to keep your brand on track as you progress through your CX journey.  

Armed with this guide, you'll learn:

  • How to ensure all channels play in harmony and how to create a coherent experience across touchpoints. 

  • Industry benchmarks across key metrics such as multi-channel conversion rates

  • How to calculate ROX to measure the impact of your CX on revenue, taking into account all contributors to the CX including operations, development, design and marketing.


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