Founders Panel: How to Accelerate Sales and Customer Onboarding with Embedded Integrations

The ease in which your product connects with other applications and the number of applications it can connect with have a major impact in your company’s ability to close deals and onboard customers efficiently.

While your SaaS product is quickly growing, so are the number of customers waiting for their apps to be integrated into your platform. The customer onboarding process and managing varying degrees of project complexity needs to accelerate. Most product and customer success leaders quickly find themselves at crossroads on how to accelerate customer onboarding and reduce implementation costs as they hit high growth phases.

In this on-demand webinar, Celigo hosts a founders panel with Audrey Walby, Founder of SAFIO Solutions and Jotham Ty, Founder of Gappify to discuss:

  • A different approach for product to support customer integrations needs based on business operations and growth inflection points
  • Buy vs. build decision criteria
  • Key criteria for selecting an embedded integration partner
  • Results achieved in scaling sales and customer onboarding


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