F5 Access Policy Manager and Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Applications can also now live anywhere: in the cloud; in a data center; as a service; on a mobile device. Accessing and using applications can be done from anywhere, at any time. No longer does a user need to be in a specific place, on a specific network to access applications to do their job and be productive. Today’s users are able to work from anywhere.

That’s great for user and corporate productivity. But, how can today’s organizations ensure quick, easy, and secure access to applications that are able to reside anywhere and be accessed from anywhere at any time?

F5 Access Policy Manager (APM) securely, simply integrates with Microsoft Azure Active Directory to expand application SSO, streamline application access, and enhance user experience and security. F5 APM federates user identity, authentication, and authorization, bridging the identity gap between cloud-based (IaaS), SaaS, and on-premises applications.

F5 and Westcon-Comstor

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