Empower Frontline Workers With Cloud Experiences

It’s no surprise that workstyles are currently transitioning especially for Frontline workers – those employees closest to the customers and products. We at HP want to make that shift as simple for your IT team as possible, which is why we’ve designed our HP Chrome Enterprise devices to be remotely deployed in minutes from anywhere, including your home.

From nurse practitioners to retail associates to factory workers, the frontline workforce has the power to deliver exceptional products and service. However, major barriers in their work environment, such as outdated technology and information gaps, impede progress.

Enterprises can deliver better technology via cloud-native devices that offer greater reliability, better access to critical jobrelated information, and increased device security, which in turn improves customer experience and boosts frontline productivity.

In April 2019, Google commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a global study of 506 workers on the front lines of customer interaction, administrative support, and product manufacturing across government, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail.

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