Deliver pre-configured systems to end users faster with Dell Provisioning for VMware Workspace ONE

Dell Provisioning for Workspace ONE can save time for enterprise organizations that need to deploy devices to end users. It doesn’t matter if the end users are in a single location or dispersed—or whether an organization needs to deploy, five, a hundred, or thousands of systems.

In this whitepaper, we compared the time required to deploy a set of end-user devices in two ways: a traditional process where we manually provisioned and deployed devices, and an automated process that used Dell Provisioning for Workspace ONE. Based on our testing, we estimate that for large deployments of 1,000 devices, Dell Provisioning for Workspace ONE can save your IT staff 56 hours of on-site work and deliver systems to your employees up to two weeks sooner, barring external factors that may delay the shipping process. These time savings would scale with additional deployments of 1,000 systems.

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