CRM from A to Z: from Selection and Implementation to User Adoption and ROI

Throughout the lifetime of your ecosystem, you will inevitably encounter obstacles and experience changes along the way, but the knowledge, resources, and tools you have in order to manage these obstacles and respond to changes will make this all much easier. By providing your team these resources, tools, and a knowledgebase for success, you will increase their confidence and improve Microsoft Dynamics 365 user adoption throughout the lifecycle.

Throughout this eBook, you will learn about:

  • How to get over bad experiences you may have had with other CRMs in the past
  • Common reasons CRM projects fail and how you can prevent failures to be successful
  • The basics and benefits of CRM
  • How to decide if Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the best CRM for you
  • CRM best practices
  • Common CRM gotchas
  • How to gain high and continuous CRM user adoption
  • How to measure your success with CRM tools like Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • And much more!

Based on many years of experience, Ledgeview Partners experts have compiled their insights into top tips and best practices to ensure your success with CRM from A to Z.

Ledgeview Partners

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