2021 Trends: Where Enterprise AI Is Headed Next

2020 was a year defined by uncertainty. But as we dive into 2021, we look under the hood to gather our learnings from last year. We find growing glimpses of optimism and preparedness for the future — particularly when we observe the changes 2020 ignited.

While conscious to not undercut the lasting impacts of the pandemic on families and businesses across the globe, we take this approach in an effort to help organizations find the opportunities that exist and can arise in 2021 with the implementation and execution of data science and AI at scale. Further, they’ll be positioned to react and respond to future periods of crisis and adversity with more clarity and will be able to preserve business continuity, mitigate risk, and establish a basis for post crisis growth.

Get the rundown of how the events of 2020 shaped the future of Enterprise AI and some of the budding trends that we’ll see in 2021 and beyond.

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