How interactive webinars differentiate your brand and win moments of trust at every stage of the buyer’s journey

The empowered B2B buyer is neither concerned with how your organization is structured and who’s responsible for the content on your website, nor are they interested in talking with a sales rep simply because they downloaded a white paper. Your buyers want contextual interactions with both human and digital assets across a holistic, but non-linear journey.

Nowhere is this more evident than in today’s B2B marketing environment.Today’s B2B buyer is self-educated. According to research, only 12% of B2B buyers want to meet in person with a sales representative, and a full 71% prefer to conduct research on their own. Additionally, B2B buyers are actively looking for content from their peers. The three most important content types that B2B buyers seek are “transparent pricing,” “technical content,” and “thought leadership".

The most important key of those “contextual interactions” is the removal of friction—and that means continuously building and deepening trust.


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