Zendesk Roadshow UK & Ireland: Watch On-Demand

We can’t gather in person right now, but we hope you’ll still meet us online for our annual Zendesk Roadshow. Watch our series of 'virtual' sessions from the comfort of your socially distanced workspace.

The event, now available on-demand, brings together industry experts to help answer the big CX questions of today. Hear from the likes of MyCustomer, Computerworld, Zoopla, Shell Energy, GoCardless, Starling Bank and Zendesk on maintaining seamless customer experiences and working towards a "new normal."

There’s no blueprint for doing business right now, but one thing is for sure, as each day brings new challenges and unknowns, customer interactions count more than ever. The sessions include:

  • Five Big Bets for the Future of CRM

Watch the opening session with Adrian McDermott, Zendesk's President of Products, who unveils the 5 big bets for the future of CX and how to “turn data into your superpower.”

  • Prepare for the Future of CX

Watch MyCustomer’s editor, Chris Ward,  Zoopla and Shell Energy discuss why CX leaders and organisations need to realign strategies and technologies.

  • Business as (Un)usual

Hear from Starling Bank, Tide, GoCardless and ComputerWorld magazine on how consumer attitudes have changed and why you need to be quick to provide new approaches to CX.

  • Messaging: Fast Response, High Satisfaction

Watch how you can unify customer interactions from messaging apps into a centralised conversation, and the positive impact this has on the customer experience.


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