The Total EconomicImpact™Of SAP On Google Cloud

According to Forrester, cloud is more than just a technology transformation driver — it is a business transformation accelerator. Public cloud services offer organizations an opportunity not only to reduce their on-premises footprint and the associated costs but also to become more agile, connected, and data-driven organizations. The power of a cloud ecosystem is that it can generate analytics of aggregated information and use the network for smarter processes.

Google provides an SAP-certified cloud platform, Google Cloud, that allows organizations to migrate and host their SAP applications in the cloud. Using Google Cloud and Google partners, organizations can quickly and easily migrate their SAP applications and data to Google Cloud with minimal disruption to the business, reduce hardware and maintenance costs, and eliminate the complexities and risks of managing SAP applications on-premises. Because of Google Cloud’s pure-cloud infrastructure, organizations can host large instances in a pure-cloud environment, rather than relying on bare-metal servers as part of their public cloud strategies.

Google Cloud

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