The Speed of Change: How Fast Are You?

This year, the top priority for organizations and their technology functions is to be able to digitally adapt fast. Speed is the name of the game.

So, how fast is your organization when it comes to change? Are you able to pivot quickly or even take the business in a completely different direction? Our seventh annual survey of IT professionals, which took place just as the global pandemic was taking hold, probed for answers on this topic.

Download OutSystems: The Speed of Change: How Fast Are You? to learn how 2,200 IT professionals in organizations of varying sizes assessed their adaptability to change, their top application development challenges, and more. You’ll also discover whether or not you’re a leader in the race for speed.  

If you find yourself in the laggard territory, all is not lost. The report reveals steps you can take to become a leader and improve your organization’s chances for survival.


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