The Paper Mill of the Future - US

Why Change Agents are the Key to Digital Transformation

The pulp and paper industry is changing. With a graphic paper demand declining worldwide, it’s easy to think that the entire industry is in decline as well. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. In actuality, it’s changing and evolving faster than ever before. According to McKinsey, the industry is growing thanks to increased demand for packaging as well as the addition of pulp production for textiles. As markets continue to evolve, mills must evolve, too — and efficiency is crucial to that evolution. In the quest for even greater efficiency, technology will continue to be a key driver towards digital transformation and, ultimately, a mill’s future success. However, achieving true digital transformation goes far beyond deploying technology.

It is the interaction between people, process and technology that will enable the industry to advance, change and expand. Change agents within the mill are key enablers for progress and, without them, digital transformation is simply impossible.


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