The Era of Messaging- How Businesses Can Use Conversational AI to Create Delightful Experiences

Messaging is the future. It’s already changing the way we interact with friends, coworkers, and the companies with which we do business. Many businesses are integrating messaging into their communication strategies and it will soon become the primary driver of customer engagement. ​

Deploying modern messaging, however, will require an integrated customer service platform, advanced AI technology, and a staff with the skills to operate them both.

Fortunately, The Era of Messaging, a new e-Book from [24], details how to make that happen. You’ll learn how to engage customers in the ways they prefer, and how to make messaging a highly effective component of your customer service.

The e-Book’s topics include:

  • Why messaging addresses high consumer expectations​
  • The business challenges of digital transformation ​
  • Integrating messaging channels and adapting your content ​
  • Increasing efficiency, decreasing costs, and building trust​
  • How [24] can help you do it all on one platform

247ai and CMSwire

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