The business imperative for transforming B2B Customer experience

With the strong potential for sky-high customer lifetime values in the business-to business world, it would be unwise for B2B organisations to ignore the task of retaining clients through loyalty winning  experiences. Despite this fact, in comparison to the B2C arena, which has spent years rapidly advancing customer experience capabilities, the B2B landscape still has a way to go. 

In this briefing paper from Harvard Business Review, analysts maintain that B2B brands are now taking a page out of the B2C playbook to boost lifetime customer loyalty through best-in-class digital experiences.

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  • How three leading B2B brands gained a competitive advantage by delivering great digital commerce experiences
  • How creating a one-stop shopping experience can empower and engage today’s digital-native business buyers
  • Why a digital transformation initiative focused on improving B2B CX must be an enterprise-wide effort
  • What to look for in a technology partner, including prior B2B experience and success, end-to-end solution sets, and adept data management


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