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For over 40 years, IBM and SAP have collaborated and co-innovated solutions to drive transformation, helping clients remain competitive in an ever-changing world. In 2018, that partnership was recognized when IBM Power Systems was named SAP’s Infrastructure Partner of the Year. This partnership has enabled us to deliver one of SAP’s most rapidly adopted new technologies, demonstrated by the more than 1,200 clients deploying SAP HANA on the platform built and optimized for it.

Working closely with SAP, IBM provides the enterprise-grade infrastructure, service and support needed for clients like you to leverage a low-risk, mission-critical journey to SAP HANA. When the data stored is mission critical for the business, downtime isn’t an option and security is top of mind. With 6x cache per core, 4x memory I/O bandwidth, 4x processing threads per core, 99.999% uptime, and zero documented vulnerabilities on PowerVM1, IBM Power Systems is the right infrastructure choice for your SAP HANA workloads.


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