Step-by-step Guide to Account-Based Success: Aligning Account-Based Marketing to Account-Based Selling

Account-based marketing (ABM) has been the hottest topic in B2B marketing for the past few years. According to 2017 research from SiriusDecisions, 62% of B2B companies now have an ABM program in place, which is an increase of more than 20% from the year prior.

The rapid adoption of ABM is seen as a positive and necessary trend among industry analysts. While the rise of ABM has been widely applauded, many industry veterans point out that the practice of focusing on key accounts really isn’t new, as sales teams have been taking this approach for decades. 

This white paper will address:

  • The connection points between ABM and ABS;
  • The key roles impacting ABM and ABS success;
  • The evolution of Account-Based Everything (ABE);
  • Tactics to identify potential gaps in alignment between ABM and ABS;
  • Evaluating the martech stack to optimize ABM and ABS; and
  • The revenue rewards of aligning ABM and ABS.


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