Simplifying IoT connectivity to accelerate the connected car market

Electrification, autonomous driving, shared mobility and car-as-a-service is transforming the way people acquire and experience cars. Underpinning most of the developments is the connected car.

To support car manufacturers with global, reliable and consistent connectivity for their vehicles and related IoT applications,  Nokia has created WING (Worldwide IoT Network Grid). WING is a managed service that works with a global network of Communication Service Providers to eliminate the complexities of implementing and managing universal car connectivity. In this short eBook we look at how Nokia WING meets the IoT needs of the automotive industry.

Download this eBook to discover:

  • Why a new connectivity model is needed instead of traditional roaming-based solutions
  • New applications that disrupt the connected car market and mobility services
  • How a global car manufacturer keeps its new electric cars always connected around the globe
  • How the Internet of Things (IoT) transforms the automotive industry


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