Secure Devices Faster at 70 Times Savings

IoT devices enable digital transformation across the enterprise, performing great feats of automation and efficiency. But  along with these transformational capabilities comes an increased attack surface with managed and unmanaged devices serving as a welcome mat into your network.

Current IoT security solutions require a lot of IT time and resources to install, configure and maintain.  What’s more, they are unable to discover and manage all your connected devices. 

The answer? Palo Alto Networks IoT Security, an integrated, cloud-delivered SaaS solution that is easy and fast to implement and provides complete visibility to all your known and unknown devices.

Read our IoT Security Proof Points white paper where we engage with more than 100 current NGFW customers who are securing both managed and unmanaged devices with our IoT Security solution. They report 70X more efficiency and savings vs. other IoT security solutions. We have broken down the savings for you in dollars and time by each benefit category, and the results speak for themselves:

  • Deployment in minutes – 15X faster vs. setting up other IoT security solutions
  • 20X faster policy creation without disruption to operations and your network security team
  • Discover vulnerabilities within a few hours vs. three or more weeks

Read our white paper and learn how you can get up to 70X savings and efficiencies with the industry’s most comprehensive IoT security solution.

Palo Alto Networks

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