ON24 Webinar Benchmarks Report 2020—EMEA

While technology has provided so much potential, the standards we need to live up to are now much higher. When inboxes are filled with spam and Netflix becomes a benchmark for everyone, winning the attention of audiences only becomes harder.

ON24 believe that great webinars provide an answer. When you can offer real conversation and twoway interaction, your webinars will stand out. When you provide context and reasons for your audience to engage, your content will gain more traction. When you can personalise the experience and make it worthwhile, your audience will crave everything you give them. And when you offer webinars whenever and wherever your audience happens to be, you provide your audience with the opportunity to engage on their own terms, rather than switching them off under an avalanche of outreach.

By analyzing thousands of webinars with millions of attendees, our annual Webinar Benchmarks report aims to provide a foundation for what good looks like.

So whether you’re a Webinewbie or a Webinerd, come on in and find out how your peers are doing—and how you can engage your audiences everywhere in 2020.


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