Naysayers No More: How In-House Legal Professionals are Leveraging Collaborative Work to Say 'Yes' More

It’s no secret the workload for legal departments is growing exponentially. In fact, 88% of companies anticipate an increase in legal demand, and are planning to address it by increasing the workload of existing legal resources or re-engineering processes.

Unfortunately, in an increasingly fast-paced and complex world, simply asking legal teams to add more to their already heaping plates or tweaking processes is not enough to ensure maximum efficiency in delivering legal services. Increased collaboration and communication within the legal department and across business units will be the key for in-house counsel to stay ahead of threats and maximize expertise while saying ‘yes’ more often.

In this whitepaper you’ll discover what benefits increased collaboration has to offer your team, how to build relationships with business partners, strategies legal teams can adopt to effectively communicate with outside counsel, and how legal-focused technology can support internal and external collaboration.


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