Making the Right Multisite Decision: Using a “Site Factory” Platform to Reduce Cost, Improve Speed and Ensure Security

Long gone are the days when organizations could get by with a single online presence. The availability of omnichannel opportunities, and so much demand has paved the way for companies to build their digital strategy on a multitude of websites. This explosion in sites has overwhelmed many large organizations, leaving them with a hodgepodge of many different platforms, incompatible technologies and support teams. The result? Slower time to market, increased cost and a disjointed online experience for the public. These quickly multiplying digital properties range from externally facing corporate websites, microsites, and campaign sites to internally facing wikis, forums, and intranets. Most often these websites are built and managed on different web content management systems, built on disparate technology stacks operated by teams with varying technical skills. According to Forrester Research, organizations on average manage 268 web and mobile properties across a variety of channels. This need for sites that serve a multitude of geographies is most often seen in organizations that have many distinct brands and products. Building regional sites and extending your reach through affiliates, dealers, agents, and franchises, also adds to the count.


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