Making Business Workflows First-Class Citizens In The Modern Software Delivery Life Cycle - Enabling DevOps Through Jobs-As-Code

Batch processing, often overlooked as archaic or boring, is the backbone of managing today’s mammoth computing workload. In fact, our custom study revealed that 92% of companies say batch is here to stay, with 74% of operations professionals and 57% of application development respondents expecting use of batch to increase. As DevOps forces organizations to reimagine how they use technology to achieve faster, more frequent, high-quality releases, batch processing must be part of this revolution.

Forrester surveyed 212 IT application development and operations professionals to test this hypothesis and found that app dev and operations professionals have yet to integrate their skill sets across the SDLC, and they experience organizational and technical challenges in configuration and integrations. As a result, organizations need to evolve their approach, infusing their ops processes throughout the complete SDLC.


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