Make it your own: Corporate Expense Policy Template

Do you have employees working from home for the first time? Or perhaps you need to plan ahead for a revised, more transparent business travel program?

Crafting a corporate expense policy can be a daunting task. So start with this template and tune it to meet your organisation's exact needs for controlling and tracking spend.

Which behaviors do you want to encourage or stop? If you need to improve budget visibility, strengthen the language around pre-approvals. Are rogue purchases creeping in every month? Include a list of approved suppliers.

Download the template and see where you'd like to be most specific with your guidelines. A well-written policy removes ambiguity for your employees, facilitating confident and responsible decision-making.

Then, consider requiring expense submission through an automated expense management solution. The system can communicate and enforce your policies in real-time, helping employees to be good stewards of the company checkbook.

Chrome River

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