ITIC 2020Global Server Hardware, Server OS Reliability Report

For the past 12 years, the ITIC Global Server Hardware, Server OS Reliability Report has compared the reliability of upto 18 mainstream server platforms, and over one dozen server operating system distributions (Linux, UNIX, Ubuntu, Debian, z/OS and Microsoft Windows) and one dozen server hardware virtualization layers. It also delves into the internal issues that improve or undermine core server hardware and OS reliability.

The report quantifies and qualifies the overarching reliability of mainstream server hardware, based on key metrics and corporate policies.

As always, ITIC’s 2020 Global Server Hardware and Server OS Reliability Report utilizes information gathered from previous ITIC surveys to compare, contrast and analyze the reliability of the various platforms and to track current and future trends. These findings help organizations make informed purchasing/upgrade decisions aligned to their specific business and budget needs.


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