How to Overcome Four Major Challenges in Edge Computing

The edge computing use case landscape is broad and its early deployments have been highly customized. Infrastructure and operations leaders will need to develop a multiyear edge computing strategy that addresses the challenges of diversity, location, protection and data.

Some key findings from this Gartner report include:

  • The variety of use cases and requirements can lead to a sprawl of first-of-a-kind edge computing deployments, without any synergy and complicating efforts to secure and manage them.
  • The scale of distributed computing and storage required by edge computing, as well as deployment locations that usually have no IT staff, combine to create new management challenges.
  • With processing and storage placed outside traditional information security visibility and control, edge computing creates new security challenges that need to be addressed in depth.
  • Edge computing creates a sprawling data footprint across a distributed architecture that needs to be governed, integrated and processed.


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