How Digital Transformation is Redefining Enterprise Workloads, Infrastructure, and Operations

Digital transformation activities are refactoring application and data models across large and small enterprises. They also are driving significant investments in technology along with the IT organizational transformation required to support the consistency, flexible consumption, rapid deployment, and scale requirements of the business.

This report sponsored by Cisco aims to answer some of the common questions around digital transformation, including:

  • How are digital transformation (DX) initiatives redefining applications and datacenter workloads?
  • What are the implications for datacenter infrastructure?
  • How is the edge impacted by IT transformation?
  • How can infrastructure and operations teams thrive in this new datacenter reality?
  • How can enterprises bridge the technology and skills gap?

As digital business and cloud computing become increasingly prevalent, enterprises must shift to solutions that enable agile deployments, continually changing infrastructure, and monitoring. Cisco removes the complexity of on-premises, decentralized, and multi-cloud workloads associated with digital transformation.


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