Frictionless Security: Protect your entire IT ecosystem from end user admins with a frictionless approach

In an increasingly connected world, the separation between a person’s life as a private consumer and an employee is getting highly compressed. 

In the modern workforce, we can work from home – or from any location that has internet access – more easily than ever. We often interact and comment on social media as individuals as part of our professional lives. Where we log in from, how we access resources and the devices we use are interchangeable and blur the line between these two formerly distinct parts of life.

The balance that IT managers and CISOs work to achieve is to give their users safe access without heavy-handed security measures impeding productivity. They must consider many factors and weigh options as to how they can safely support the business in reaching its objectives. The aim is to secure the enterprise without users noticing. In a word, to make security frictionless to the user.

One Identity

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