Effective License Management with a Changing Remote Workforce

Office 365 and Azure AD licenses often consume the biggest chunk of IT budgets. Are you paying more — maybe a lot more — than you need to?

Consider this: An organization with 5,000 users that maintains a 15-percent pool of basic Enterprise E3 Office 365 licenses could well be spending $200,000 every year on unused licenses. Tack on the cost of additional licenses, such Microsoft Visio or Power BI Pro, and that number can easily exceed half a million dollars annually! And that’s just one part of the costs associated with lack of effective software license management.

Want to know how you can plug this massive leak in your budget, without putting user productivity at risk? Read this eBook to discover how Quest On Demand License Management provides the deep visibility you need to support your on-prem and remote workforce — while slashing Azure AD and Office 365 licensing costs by 30 percent and amplifying the ROI on your cloud investment.


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