Driving a Modern Application Strategy

The value of Agile and DevOps—including faster delivery and better service levels—is widely recognized, and that is being enabled by a rapid evolution of the IT architectures in organizations today. Many organizations have begun developing their applications using cloud-native techniques. Cloud-native applications are architected as a set of microservices that can be independently scaled and quickly updated. These are usually delivered as containers and orchestrated with Kubernetes.

Most organizations have existing applications with business-critical functionality that can’t be abandoned. Often these are monolithic packages running in a virtualized environment. In order to thrive and grow, organizations must adopt a modern applications approach. A modern applications approach leverages distributed services exposed as APIs running in a multi-cloud environment. It assumes the collaboration of existing services implemented in today’s monolithic architectures along with new services that leverage cloud-native techniques.

This eBook will start by summarizing the benefits customers have realized from transitioning to a modern applications approach. Then, it will articulate four techniques for accelerating modern applications initiatives.

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