Deploying and Managing the Azure IaaS Platform

Welcome to the Microsoft Azure IaaS Solutions guide. The goal of this guide is to introduce systems administrators, systems architects, and newcomers to Microsoft Azure to some powerful core offerings on the Microsoft public cloud platform.

You will learn common terms, design patterns, and some specific examples of how to deploy IaaS solutions for compute, network, and storage on Azure using both the Azure command-line interface (CLI) and the Azure portal interface. By the end, you will be able to launch and manage Azure IaaS solutions including virtual machines and storage, understand the implications and requirements for security, and identity and access management on Microsoft Azure.

Additional resources are provided throughout the guide for you to explore some of the services and technical examples further. Resources, code samples, and additional reading links for this guide are available online at Thanks go out to the entire Azure technical community, the O’Reilly team, and my family for the help and guidance in creating this guide.


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