Delivering Transformational Outcomes with Modern Server Infrastructure

A data-centric business model is essential for enterprises to thrive in today’s digital economy. Strategic workloads drive competitive differentiation for digital transformation (DX), but they need to run on an infrastructure that provides consistent service quality. A modernized infrastructure is an extremely important determinant of DX success, according to 91% of IDC respondents.

Download “Delivering Transformational Outcomes with Modern Server Infrastructure” to learn how a modern server infrastructure provides the needed availability, performance, and security requirements.

Implementing a modern server infrastructure enables organizations to increase:

  • Datacenter density
  • Availability and reliability
  • Internal storage capacity for applications

Download the report to learn more.

Windows Server 2019: The operating system that bridges on-premises and cloud.
With the latest hardware and software, Windows Server 2019 enables direct business benefits — like better data analysis and enhanced security — as well as the flexibility to migrate to the cloud.

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