Cloud Native DevOps with Kubernetes

Digital transformation initiatives in enterprises today are driving innovation and agility as well as delivering superior customer experiences for global consumers. Embracing technologies and software development methodologies such as cloud computing, containers, and DevOps have been pivotal to digital transformation.

Kubernetes is the most pervasive container orchestration platform to address these challenges. It lets you manage complex application deployments quickly in a predictable and reliable manner.

This is a must-have book for both beginning and experienced users of Kubernetes. Authors John Arundel and Justin Domingus provide in-depth guidance in an incremental and logical manner, covering the entire lifecycle of managing a Kubernetes environment, including initial deployment, runtime operation, security, and ongoing maintenance and monitoring. As you’ll see throughout this book, NGINX Open Source and our commercial-grade application delivery platform, NGINX Plus, are key components in successful production deployments with Kubernetes.

F5 and Westcon-Comstor

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