Cloud at Your Pace: Linking Business Strategy With Cloud Strategy – An IDC Infobrief

Whilst 2020 for many organisations has been ‘A Year of Accelerated Digital Transformation’, in this Infobrief, Carla Arend, IDC, Lead Analyst Cloud, EMEA presents a strategy How to Prioritise IT Investments in 202I and discusses How to Navigate Your Cloud Journey at Your Pace

Cloud has emerged as a strong foundation for digital transformation. There are many ways to utilise cloud services in your pandemic response and ERP modernisation journey. You need to choose what makes sense for YOUR organisation.

  1. Maximise the life and value of core, mission critical systems (e.g., ERP). Focus on business continuity and cost optimisation.
  2. Rebalance your investments towards digital. Lift and shift to IaaS to free up infrastructure costs.
  3. Innovate faster with customer engagement technologies and low-code/no-code platforms around core systems.

Adopt a Smart Strategy for Cloud Migration

With many IaaS and SaaS cloud options to choose from, it is critical to pick a cloud strategy that supports business needs first.

Learn how

  • Vendor-agnostic planning and advice helps maximise business value whilst avoiding the risk of locking to proprietary cloud models
  • To achieve strategic flexibility and freedom from vendor lock-in by taking control of IT road maps and making decisions based on business priorities.
  • To be free to migrate to the cloud of your choice on your own timelines.

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