Cisco Secure Network Access Whitepaper

Users, things and applications are everywhere, constantly moving, and becoming more “connected” to make our lives more convenient. But as our reliance on network connectivity grows, a need for a new architecture emerges. With expanding numbers of connected devices, increasing demand for data-intensive applications, and growing network threats, traditional networks simply cannot keep pace with the constant changes in their environment.

Network access and infrastructure are fundamental parts of any organisation. From storing important design and financial documents to internal team collaboration and to communicating with customers, every business operation is contingent on reliable, scalable and secure network access.

The speed of change continues to accelerate. So, it’s imperative for organisations to change not only the way they do their businesses but the way they apply connectivity to do it. As the customer expectation rises, the criticality of uninterrupted and unplugged network connection continues to increase and with it, the need for an intelligent network in a connected digital world.

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