Check Point Citrix SD-WAN Secure-Cloud Delivered SD-WAN

As more applications shift to the cloud,business users need secure access to these applications to effectively do their jobs. From virtual meetings to file-sharing to collaboration through tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, ShareFile and OneDrive, including voice and video traffic, they require consistent, high-quality bandwidth, all the time. For IT organizations that are managing remote and branch offices, it can be a challenge to accommodate these needs in a way that’s efficient, secure, and cost effective. Users are consuming more Wide-Area Network (WAN) bandwidth than ever, leaving them with a user experience that is all too often suboptimal. Traditional WAN architectures weren’t designed to support cloud and SaaS applications. Cloud and SaaS traffic now congests the WAN traversing expensive leased lines that drive up costs or unreliable public Internet lines resulting in frustrated users.


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